My heartfelt thanks to Hervé Jamar and welcome Sophie Wilmès

The Prime Minister Charles Michel would like to thank the Minister for the Budget, with responsibility for the National Lottery, Hervé Jamar, most sincerely for the excellent work he has done since he was appointed 12 months ago. Hervé Jamar maintained a stringent policy to ensure a cost-conscious management of State finances. Charles Michel wishes Hervé Jamar every success now that he is developing his political career in a new direction by accepting the appointment of Governor of Liège Province.


Charles Michel: "Hervé Jamar has made a significant contribution to the efforts to restore order to the public finance position. His responsible commitment and his energy have undoubtedly been of major importance for the Government's work".  


The Prime Minister is pleased to welcome to the government team Sophie Wilmès, a Member of Parliament active in the Chamber of Representatives' Finance and Budget Committee. The trilingual Sophie Wilmès, who holds a degree in applied communication from the IHECS and in financial management from the Institut Supérieur Saint-Louis, is taking over all of Hervé Jamar's responsibilities.


The Prime Minister: "Sophie Wilmès found her bearings very quickly in the Chamber of Representatives. Her commitment and precision within the Finance and Budget Committee clearly demonstrated her ability to familiarise herself with technical issues".


A mother of four children, Sophie Wilmès, used to be an economic and financial advisor in a financial affairs cabinet at the European Commission. She became First Deputy Mayor for Rhode-Saint-Genèse in 2006, where her policy areas covered finance, the budget, education, the local economy, early childhood and communication. Elected to the Chamber for the first time in 2014, she is a member in particular of the Finance Committee, where she is acknowledged for the excellence of her work.


Hervé Jamar has been involved in politics since 1989, first of all as a Municipal Advisor in Hannut, then as Mayor starting in 1995. Elected in 1999 as a Walloon and Community Member of Parliament, he served in the Agriculture/Land Planning/Transport/Energy/Housing Committees. From 2003 to 2007, Hervé Jamar held the position of State Secretary to the Minister for Finance. He is a man who is motivated by a respect for the common good but he is above all a representative of the people, attentive to their needs and concerned to improve their daily lives.