Press Release

"The election of Emmanuel Macron could be an opportunity for Europe"

Charles Michel, Prime Minister of Belgium, congratulates Emmanuel Macron for his election as President of the Republic of France. "This evening, more than an accession to the head of France, it's a clear rejection of a dangerous project to turn away from Europe. After the victory of Mark Rutte in the Netherlands, and the collapse of Ukip in the local elections in Great Britain, France has chosen a project that is directed towards a better Europe," declares Charles Michel.

The Prime Minister further asserts that: "the victory of Emmanuel Macron must be taken as an opportunity to bring together all those of good will to reinvigorate the European project. Europe is a political and strategic asset. It needs to become a true added value for its citizens once again. Additionally, we must pursue and further reinforce the close collaboration between our two countries for security and in the fight against terrorism."

Charles Michel already had a long meeting with Emmanuel Macron some weeks ago, which was a chance to discuss in particular the future of the European Union. "I invite Emmanuel Macron to an official meeting in Brussels or Paris to formalise, in concrete terms, a number of propositions that would allow us to consolidate and reinforce the European project, as well as to deal with numerous challenges."