Press Release

Investiture of President Donald Trump

The United States is a strong democracy with an intense parliamentary tradition. The expectations of the American people are high. I hope that president Donald Trump will be able to deliver.


Since the Second World War the United States has been an important ally for security. Over the past decades our transatlantic alliance has guaranteed peace and stability within the NATO framework. It is essential that our engagement is maintained.


I hope that under the new president we will be able to continue our strong cooperation in the fight against terrorism and radicalization.


The European Union enters a new era. It is my conviction that Europe more than ever needs to defend its own agenda and interests.

A policy of sustainable economic growth is in everyone's interest. The United States is our first trading partner outside the European Union. In our country American companies provide for 140,000 jobs. Belgium is the 10th investor in the US and is a more important trading partner for the US than Russia, Australia or Spain.